Smart Film


Smart Film


We are proud to introduce the liquid crystal film Smart Film, which can be applied to existing or new glazing systems.

Smart Film is a high tech seamless invention that switches from transparent state to opaque one with a flick of a switch.
Smart technology provides unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters a space and is ideal for commercial, residential, retail store, medical and automotive front applications.
Smart Film is now becoming a must have for any modern office or home. Our product has the ability to redefine environments and create a multifunctional space that adapts and responds to the needs of its users. The potential applications of Smart Film are limitless. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards, adapting to the rising design challenges faced nowadays.

Why choose us?

We provide state-of-the art technology to our customers; our films are of the highest standards on the market

We ensure pre- and post-installation quality control

We don’t shy away from challenges; we are confident of delivering design solutions that exceed expectations

Our aim to be pioneers in display/privacy solutions in the Baltic region is supported by our established partnership with suppliers and employees

Smart film

Also known as Switchable Film, Switchable Glass Film, LCD Film, Electric Window Film, Intelligent Film for countless applications for privacy and UV protection.

Self-adhesive Smart film provides a simple and cost effective alternative to Switchable Glass technology.

Switchable film allows you to transform existing glass windows, partitions, acrylic screens, plexiglass or other transparent surfaces into instant switchable privacy.

Smart film is operated by a simple electrical switch, which controls the opacity of the film, turning it from clear to translucent. It can easily be integrated into home automation systems too, giving you even more control.

When opaque (in its unpowered, frosted state) switchable film also acts as a high quality projection screen due to its liquid crystal properties that give it high contrast features. Rear projection gives you the highest quality image, whilst front projection can be enhanced with an additional reflective coating.

Switchable film also provides thermal, solar and sound insulation benefits, helping keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet.


Instant privacy – Switches from clear to opaque in less than a second thus replacing curtains, shutter blinds and drapes.

UV and heat protection – Blocks more than 98% of UV rays and approximately up to 60% of heat.

Display/advertising – When the film is off, it can be used as a rear projection screen with high contrast, creating space for digital advertisement. This way even small store owners can have billboards highlighting their business.

Creative alternative for designers – Allows architects, interior designers and contractors to provide creative design concepts by creating multifunctional spaces and redefining environments.

Various sizes and colors – Available in different sizes(max width 1.82m), forms and colors to accommodate specific display applications.

Durable and reliable – Provides a more durable, hygienic and lower maintenance solution.

Low operating voltage.

  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film
  • Smart Film


The applications for Smart film are virtually endless and limited only by your imagination. Here are just a few examples to get those creative ideas flowing...

  • Privacy windows for the home and office

  • Room partitions / dividers

  • Solar control / security panels

  • Electronic curtains / blinds

  • Skylights / vision panels

  • Conservatory roofs / window panels

  • Counters / display cases

  • Window displays / advertising screens

Where can it be used? The simple answer - anywhere there is glass.


Smart Film helps protect privacy and maintain a certain amount of light intensity. SF blocks more than 99% of UV, which is harmful to our body and contributes to accelerated furniture fading.

Residential Interior

Living rooms, veranda windows, entrances, balconies: by having Smart film in a room you can easily enjoy both openness and private space. In addition, it can be employed as a screen for a home theatre in a room with a beam projector.


Maintaining a clean and safe environment is a top priority in any healthcare facility. Traditional curtains are now considered to be a high risk to patient safety and therefore Smart Glass is the perfect solution to keep your hospital or clinic sterile, while providing the privacy that is essential for patients and staff. Also when used as a display solution, Smart Glass enables doctors and nurses to monitor patients’ vitals or see lab results on the glass.

Shower and Bath

Smart Film is used for partitions in shower booths or toilets, making the place stand out and adding extensive functionality. Admired by private homeowners, Smart Film is also popular with people living in ground and first floor flats.


It is popular to use Smart film in hotels and other accommodation to maximize space and privacy. Furthermore, the application of such glass film brings a feeling of luxury through high-end technology integration.


Smart Film allows people to have dynamic places. That is, it can be used as a partition between kitchen and living room.

Beauty Parlour

Customers and employees will surely appreciate the added level of privacy offered by Smart Film, especially if the room windows point directly towards the street. By dynamically hiding your spaces from unsightly views, your customers will be given the opportunity to relax and your employees will be able to provide exceptional service. An additional benefit of Smart Film is that it allows for fine tuning of ambient light.

Advertisement and Projection

Smart Films are also used for advertising purposes at various shows, exhibitions and presentations, where it is utilised as a switchable projection screen. Smart film can be used as a switchable projection screen on a store window for advertising. By installing Smart Film on the glass panels of a store, you are effectively turning these panels into a huge display, thus allowing product showcasing, and advanced customer targeting. Smart film is good for both front and rear projection, and projected images can be viewed from both sides.

Completed projects

Business Center Place Eleven
Smart film amount: 9 sq.m.

Sporta str. 11, Rīga, Latvia


Verslo Centras Place Eleven

Valiunas Ellex Law firm
Smart film amount: 19 sq.m.

Jogailos str. 9, Vilnius, Lithuania


Valiunas Ellex Advokatų kontora

Private house, windows
Smart film amount : 14 sq.m.

Vilnius, Lithuania


Privatus namas, langai

Digital Mind 2, Place Eleven
Smart film amount: 19 sq.m.

Sporta g. 11, Rīga, Latvia


Digital Mind 2, Place Eleven Digital Mind 2, Place Eleven

BusinessCenter Green Hall 2, TELE2
Smart film amount: 12 sq.m.

Upės str. 21, Vilnius, Lithuania


Verslo Centras Green Hall 2, TELE2

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Smart film amount: 12 sq.m.

Rīga, Latvia


Užsienio reikalų ministerija

Luminor bank meeting room
Smart film amount: 12 sq.m.

Vilnius, Lietuva


Luminor bankas, pasitarimo kambarys

Private apartment bathroom glass panel
Smart film amount: 5 sq.m.

Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania


Privatus butas, vonios pertvara

Naresta office glass partitions
Smart film amount: 7 sq.m.

Kareivių str. 11B, Vilnius, Lithuania


Naresta, biuro pertvaros

VGTU meeting room
Smart film amount: 12 sq.m.

Saulėtekio al. 11, Vilnius, Lithuania


VGTU, pasitarimo kambarys


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